EMR Software

Onbase Document Management ECM Software for Electronic Medical Records Integration

EMR Interoperability has become the most discussed and to a certain degree, the most argued of all aspects associated with the adoption of EMR systems in the US healthcare niche.

Epic Canto iPad Apps EMR Software Review

Epic Canto iPad App is among the latest range of iPad EMR tools that are on the verge of being released and are engaging a lot of opinions in the US healthcare niche.

GE Centricity EMR Software Review

GE Centricity is among the most reputed of EMR software platforms that have been introduced recently to help healthcare facilities and physicians across the US adopt EMR technologies.

GE Centricity Advance Web-based EMR Software

Small healthcare practices searching for an affordable way of handling their patient information data in the digital format should consider the Centricity Advance-a product from GE's impressive line-u

Microsoft EMR Software: A Venture from the Software Giant

We have seen how Microsoft evolved from a small software company to today’s leading provider of innovative software applications patronized by millions of users worldwide.

CCR Files: Continuity of Care Record Standard

Continuity of Care Record (CCR) is a computing standard used to create extended support for electronic patient information accessible with various medical applications.

Integration Of Scanned Charts Into An EMR System

With the Stimulus Bill incentives engaging a lot of attention, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are increasingly being adopted by healthcare professionals and medical facilities.

Recommendable EMR Vendors for Hospitals/Enterprise-level Healthcare Information Intergration

Nearly every healthcare facility, including hospitals and large-scale specialty clinics, have realized the critical need of progressing towards the comprehensive adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Five Recommendable EMR Softwares for Doctors/Clinics

There has been a surge in the number of EMR software vendors with the introduction of the Stimulus Bill. Most healthcare professional realize that updating their current practices to the electronic format for storing Patient Health Information is no longer a choice.