Hospital Medical Records Burn in New York Document Storage Warehouse Fire

On January 31st, 2015 a 7 alarm fire destroyed the CitiStorage document-storage warehouse located on North 11th Street by the East River in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. This resulted in millions of paper records burning inside of the CitiStorage warehouse or being flushed into the street by firefighters trying to control the blaze.

Electronic Medical Records in New York

New York's Regional Extension Centers (RECs) has enabled over 10,000 doctors to adopt electronic medical records by end year 2011. The main beneficiaries being primary care providers and small practices who struggle with the acquisition cost and implementation of the electronic system.

How effective is the HIPAA Privacy Rule?

A look at how effective the HIPAA Privacy Rule has been since its operative date of compliance, which was, April 14, 2003, displays a very interesting observation.

Senate Hearings Focus on Lack of HIPAA Enforcement, Final HITECH Rule

Practitioners, healthcare facilities and their business associates carefully following the continuous spate of developments in the niche of adopting HIPAA-compliant data privacy measures should be awa