EMR Implementation

Issues With Electronic Medical Records in 2011

Many problems have surfaced in the large-scale adoption of EMR.

Healthcare Data EMR Interoperability

Hospitals across the United States seem to be in a race to adopt the EMR systems to ensure that their eligibility for healthcare stimulus benefits is not questioned.

How important is Electronic Medical Records Software Database Schema?

Behind every amazing feature of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application is a database solution working from behind that holds every piece of information the EMR processes.

Medical Voice Recognition Software to integrate progress reports into EMR

Medical Voice Recognition Software? Medical records at the doctor's office are generally handwritten on charts that have been around since paper and pens came into existence.

Integration Of Scanned Charts Into An EMR System

With the Stimulus Bill incentives engaging a lot of attention, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are increasingly being adopted by healthcare professionals and medical facilities.