Medical Records Scanning

Medical Records Scanning

Document Scanning versus Document Storage Costs

Document storage is cheaper solution compared to document scanning when judged purely on the price and not considering the hidden costs. It’s just a matter of simple math to explain this. The cost to store one box of medical records is approximately $40 per box for 7 years of document storage or approximately 2 cents per page based on a standard 10 H x 12 W x 15 D box containing 2,000 pages.

Canon DR-3010C Scanner Review

The Canon imageFORMULA DR-3010C Scanner never disappoints when it comes to delivery of high quality results. Not only is it reasonably easy to use but it also handles huge workloads. If you have demanding workgroups scanning requirements, then this is the most dependable device there is.

Canon DR-9050C Medical Records Scanner

In a few words, this Canon imageFORMULA DR-9050C - document scanner can be best described as an A3 document handling that is fast, reliable with, high-precision and superior Canon-quality image processor. Designed to meet the most exacting document management needs, this compact scanner is extremely comfortable to use due to its streamlined design.

Reducing Costs for Scanning Medical Records

It is now an established fact that scanning medical records into PDF files is a bare necessity for integrating conventionally-saved PHI (as physical files) into a chosen EMR software.

Understanding Electronic Medical Records Beyond Scanning

A common misconception has emerged in the healthcare industry with many folks assuming that Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) is limited to the use of scanned images.