Medical Voice Recognition Software to integrate progress reports into EMR

Medical Voice Recognition Software? Medical records at the doctor's office are generally handwritten on charts that have been around since paper and pens came into existence. Since then, these are in use with no change. Technology has advanced. But the record keeping in the medical services industry still utilizes the old technique of handwritten medical records. These are stored in overflowing filing cabinets, and sometimes the writing is indecipherable. The pace and advances in medical care require detailed and clear records of the patient medical history. So the need for precision and comprehensible medical records call for the evolution of electronic medical records i.e. EMR.

Almost all office technology in business is currently undergoing digitalization phasing out the paper based systems. Advances are everywhere. Now, technology is changing patient medical records. The acceptance and implementation of new technology is very slow in this profession as professionals still believe in the paper based methods of charts. But EMR medical records are slowly being accepted.

The ARRA- American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 was enacted on February 17, 2009 and provides EMR stimulus incentives to accelerate the adoption of digital health information technologies. It is the part of Economic Stimulus Package. This act is aimed to speed the meaning use of Electronic Health Record systems.

Now the question arises, is it possible for the physician to quickly integrate the progress report of the patient into EMR medical records which is becoming the new standard of medical data. Then here is the answer, the introduction of voice recognition software.

Dragon Medical Voice Recognition Software is one voice recognition software for a physician to transcribe details into an EMR. The data is verbally input into chart notes and to generate reports of the patient. This software is available in various versions. The software is so efficient and reliable that after using this no one will wish to type notes again. Its functioning is quite impressive as it works in real time. It helps in making notes which can be faxed to the concerned doctor and a print out is given to the patient for his personal health record. This method helps the physician avoid time consuming functions such as mailing and writing. Such notes are error free to a greater extent and quite descriptive covering all the minute details.

In this way the old handwritten notes are integrated into the electronic medical records to provide improved care to the patient in a cost effective way.