GE Centricity Advance Web-based EMR Software

Small healthcare practices searching for an affordable way of handling their patient information data in the digital format should consider the Centricity Advance-a product from GE's impressive line-up of products in the niche of healthcare system management systems. Centricity Advance is one of the easiest electronic information systems, helping practices fasten their graduation towards adopting EMR technologies.

Basics of GE's Centricity Advance Web-based EMR Software

GE's Centricity Advance is among the most progressive of EMR softwares being an integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution. It is ideally suited for small healthcare practices. GE Centricity Advance is simple-to-use but functionally-progressive. It is referred to as an 'integrated' EMR software since it combines Healthcare Practice Management with Patient Portal. It is more suited for PCP (Primary Care Physicians) and providers functioning on a smaller scale, i.e. handling smaller patient volumes.

Essentially, the Centricity Advance is a cloud-based EMR software. It introduces the comfort and affordability of cloud computing in the field of patient information management. In terms of being comprehensive, GE Centricity Advance can deliver both, preventative and therapeutic practice requirements. Centricity Advance also helps healthcare providers increase the overall efficiency of their practice along with maximization of revenue cycle through better management of clinical billing and collection cycles.

Most notable Advantages of GE's Centricity Advance include:

Greater Afford-ability - it doesn’t present upfront, demanding acquisition expenses, i.e. in terms of server usage or hardware requirements. This essentially means that the Centricity Advance does not present any major issues when being installed in the most modest of healthcare settings. There are no 'hidden costs' like maintenance or upgrade costs. Users don't need to spend on repeated upgrades. This is because the Centricity Advance presents an affordable, affordable, monthly subscription fee format. Centricity Advance presents a unique, pocket-friendly subscription-based model that works on the SAAS format.

Easier-to-adopt Format - to ensure easy readability, the conventional format of providing initial capital formatting has been removed. The overall design and presentation of Centricity Advance is rather simple. It is known for its intuitive format that is perfectly complements the working requirements of Primary Care Physicians. The training period required to gain a working knowledge of this software is just about four weeks. The procedural benchmarks are at par with standard protocols for cloud computing formats, ensuring there will be no technical compliance issues in the future.

Contemporary Technology - the operation methodology used in Centricity Advance means that the traditional client-server concept is overcome. The usual, web-based EMR systems were developed much before the Internet boom. However, Centricity Advance is more contemporary than any of its contemporaries. It has been conceived specifically for modern healthcare facilities where the staff is well-versed with handling web-based tools.

Greater Security - safety of data is guaranteed as the latest web security benchmarks in the form of EHNAC certification have been employed for the data centre supporting this EMR system. In addition, presence of VPN services and dedicated firewalls protect the healthcare facility's data against unauthorized access. More data protection is ensured in the form of encrypted solutions.


This EMR technology is perfectly suited for physicians who want to adopt a certified EMR software that ensures their eligibility in accordance with the meaningful use criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Stimulus Reimbursements beginning in 2011 without spending too much or adopting a technically-challenging solution.