Vitera Intergy EHR Software (Sage EMR Review)

Vitera Healthcare Solutions formerly known as Sage Intergy prior to acquisition by Vista Equity Partners in November 2011, is a versatile and powerful software which offers clinical features for numerous specialities and has 2 tracks of software for medical practices namely,

  • Vitera Intergy is a comprehensive set of tools, which when fully implemented includes Electronic Health Record (EHR), practice management tools, Business analytic tools or business intelligence, and EDI software for medical practices.
  • Vitera Medical Manger available on Windows, Unix and Linux Platforms, is a medical practice management tool and can be integrated with the Meaningful Use EHR and other Vitera Medical Software products.

Vitera Intergy EHR is 2011 CCHIT Certified while the Vitera Intergy Meaningful Use Edition is ONC-ATCB certified for 2011/2012. It well designed so as to help you achieve meaningful use without impacting your productivity and workflow, but also the Vitera Intergy Meaningful Use Edition lets you focus on providing quality and efficient care to your patients thereby, helps you qualify for EHR incentives.

As CertifiedSM software, Sage Intergy EHR has been prepared essentially for doctors who want to migrate to the electronic format of storing healthcare data without necessarily changing their functionality style. Sage Intergy EMR provides the maximum range of customizable features with new offers such as the Sage Intergy EHR V5.5 which is focused on making information management easier and at the same time, making the presentation of clinical data less demanding. It also offers a dedicated section for preventive healthcare bundled up with an exhaustive list of treatments protocols. It comes with various document templates which make it effective for capturing simple and coded data.

Other features of this modular software include:

  • Integrated e-prescribing, CPOE (Computerized physician order entry) i.e. lab orders and/or results.
  • Comprehensive patient charting
  • On-demand Drug Utilization Review
  • Quick linking for Drug Interaction Information
  • Online patient engagement
  • Dashboards for tracking and reporting meaningful use
  • Easy preparation of Clinical record summaries
  • Automated templates for quicker documentation
  • Preventive health and disease management tools
  • Standards-based interoperability with Health Information Exchange
  • Customizable Encounter Note templates, forms and favorites

Ideally, it is suited for medical professionals who want to get started with e-prescribing, using a more interactive format. The good thing about it is that if they have all the components, they can deploy a fully functional EHR system which essentially means they can qualify for the meaningful use incentives/stimulus money. Since it is designed by clinicians and software specialists, it "thinks and moves the way you do" hence, logical and easy to follow. In return, it easily adapts to your current workflow improving the overall practice efficiency. In addition, Vitera Intergy EHR is quite easy to learn and implement thus, allowing you to focus on providing quality care for your patients instead of doing the paperwork. On the downside however, one may find it a bit difficult to integrate this solution with other programs that use SQL since it Progress as the database engine. But with the support centre portal which allows staff to continue with training and education, one need not worry much about the database.

Overview of Vitera Intergy EHR

Vitera Intergy EHR software for physicians to improve current workflow and easy to learn and implement.