Black Book Rankings 2014 Top 20 Family Practice EMR Software Vendors

An internationally accredited firm for accurate, reliable, extensive, in-depth, impartial user/customer satisfaction surveys is Black Book Rankings. They are the unbiased polling source, opinion mining and market research group. These surveys are more often than not, done in the hundreds and are mostly focused on vender comparisons. The main aim is usually to support Government contractors, Vendors and all the other 30-industry groups. As a result, competition among the groups researched on becomes higher and yielding better market for the best in their industries, it raises consumer awareness to make better-informed decisions when it comes to vendor choices. The consumers end up saving on hundreds of dollars when it comes to vendor selection since they no longer need to pay for consultation fees. In this case, the greatest benefactors are investors, EMR users, quality minded vendors, media, and prospective buyers of EMR/EHR software. This survey also helps in knowing which vendors are compliant when it comes to proper certifications. The EMR software consumers may also get to know which vendors have the best software when it comes to realizing meaningful use.

It is common knowledge that if EMR software malfunctions then not only does the user suffer but also the patient who may be in grieve danger and instead of receiving health care, they may just get ill treatment due to frustration. Therefore, the services rendered by the software vendors' stretch down affecting the patients directly.

Black Book Rankings ensures high service and product performance comparing vendors through customer experience using eighteen key performance indicators. The 2011 top 20 EMR vendors for family practice specialist physicians/practices survey was based on 1000 primary care EMR users in the categories of Family practice, general practice, pediatrics and geriatrics who narrowed down an elite group of vendors. It produced a 30-page report based on over 400 qualified healthcare software vendors. The family practice healthcare software vendors went through an in-depth comparison scoring in this survey.

Six EMR firms, an elite group, scored consistently high physician satisfaction overwhelmingly across all Primary Care subgroups that is, Family Practice, General Practice, Geriatrics and Pediatrics. In no particular order, these firms are:

The major area of interest is as listed below

  • Implementation success
  • EMR functionalities - Certification-required
  • Functionalities of Administration
  • Documentation functionalities and Clinical workflow functionalities
  • The modules of e-Prescribing
  • Accountable care of organization data needs and
  • Health Information Exchange

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