eClinicalWorks EMR Review

eClinicWorks Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is an award winning software and a next-generation EMR software. It is ARRA (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) Meaningful Use conscious. Therefore, users of this system qualify for the meaningful use incentive reimbursement and at the same time, actively helping providers give the best medical care possible by elevating the role of the system as opposed to passively collecting information.

It is a fully unified EMR/PM system with functionality and features that help improve efficiency, save money and enhance security. Patient information can be accessed within the actual healthcare facility and from remote locations when one uses eClinicalWorks EMR software. Apart from sharing the saved clinical data, attending physicians and referring physicians can communicate with each other while sharing notes. Amongst the things that eClinicalWorks EMR makes easy, browsing through the entire patient history and other detailed data such as diagnostic tests, history of visits and medications, is one key area. Providing smart solutions is strongly emphasised by this system and it strives to be more than just an information-recording medium. The design of this system is smart such that it actually tries to help the physicians in making informed clinical decisions. Physician notes can be in the conventional S.O.A.P. format when primary Care Physicians who use this EMR make a copy. Some of the innovative tools that this EMR software solution has include the Registry Reporting for analysing the quality of healthcare services rendered not forgetting the overall patient service management.

From the Charges, $400 per month for the web-based format $10K for the Client/Server model, (which including everything from EMR to Scheduling, Reporting or Document Management) one can see that the web-based format is cheaper but if you look at it critically, you will notice that I the long run, the client/server model is actually cheaper since it is one off unlike the web-based. This is due to the fact that the monthly payments may actually add up and go over and beyond the $10K in the long run. However, it is viable for practices that cannot afford the Client/Server model plus, the practitioner can access it anywhere given that it is in the internet. The incomparable quality and/or functionality of this EMR software is, it is best for both small practices and large practices and in addition, ranked highest for Midsize and large practices.

One commendable thing about eClinical Works EMR is the fact that they give extensive training for all their embedded features and for EMR software as a whole. The introduction of the MAQ dashboards which has the practice productivity dashboard is a great innovation by the solution which enables the physician to see the statistics about the features of the EMR. In so doing, they are taking technology to the next level since the physician can make critical decisions based on the dashboard since they can see how long it takes to get responses from the various compartments for example, how long it takes for an e-prescribing request to be honoured etc. thus, improving the quality of health care given.

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