ChartLogic EMR Software Review

For the past fifteen years ChartLogic has been in business converting practices into digital offices and what's more, all its electronic medical record (EMR) products can be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing systems. In addition to this, they are designed to prevent physicians from having to change their current workflow. In short, it is a completely integrated electronic medical record and practice management system which is fully certified for the federal meaningful use program having more than 164 practitioners who are using this system, have qualified for payments to date. Even though it concentrates in surgical specialties, it also serves other specialties like cardiology, neurology, otolaryngology, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, pain management, just to mention a few. In addition to specialists in private practice, this solution is designed to meet the needs of surgical centres and hospital clinics not forgetting, it serves organizations of all sizes.

ChartLogic EMR solution is not only a breed of clinical solutions namely, EMR, DM, Patient Portal, Patient Education, Labs, ePrescribe but also interfaces with over 125 different medical practice management systems including ChartLogic PM itself. This flexible electronic medical record has very unique benefits which include:

  • The Patient Dashboard which allows clinicians to expeditiously evaluate their patient's history and make a proper medical decision given that it shows all pertinent patient information in one central location by eliminating the paper chart.
  • The PrecisionVoice feature saves time since a practitioner can accurately document a patient encounter note in less than one and a half minutes by allowing the practitioner to dictate notes directly into the system furthermore, it serves as an efficient data entry at the point of care while increasing the amount of time that a practitioner can spend interacting directly with the patient.
  • The Diagnosis Director, a problem-based plan-building system makes clinical decision way much easier. The physician only has to choose the diagnosis custom plans, procedures, orders and patient education then and there help becomes available for him/her to decide the best course of action while the Diagnosis Director documents those activities promptly.

This solution was the first complete ambulatory EMR to be certified for meaningful use under the ARRA EMR stimulus program and therefore, can be considered a pace setter for other EMR solutions. Although other solutions have since been certified by the same body, this distinction serves as evidence of the broad and deep feature set available with the ChartLogic EMR. This solution can incredibly enable integration between clinics which are about 10-25 miles apart from each other. It is no wonder therefore that it is responsible for many health care facilities meeting Medicare and Medicaid rural health clinic reporting requirements by making reporting easier to document and transmit between different health facilities. Federal rural health clinics can greatly benefit from this solution given that they can attest to the meaningful use of the EMR with ease and subsequently reap the rewards of the HITECH Act summary incentive program. They do not have to be left behind while others are enjoying a whopping $44,000 of the stimulus money.

About ChartLogic Electronic Health Records Software

ChartLogic EMR software electronically captures encounter notes using voice-dictation templates. A doctor can document a medical exam in less than 90 seconds ChartLogic PrecisionVoice speech recognition engine. The software helps with coding evaluation and management (E&M) using the E&M Consultant tool to accurately evaluate medical coding levels.