Stix Practice Management Software Review

Stix Practice Management is being touted as the best software solution for occupational medicine practitioners. Though it might take time for Stix Practice Management to establish itself as the leading software solution in this niche, it certainly impresses with some appreciable features.

Overview of Stix Practice Management Features:

  • Makes billing easier, supported with a robust collection system, combined with on-screen account summaries
  • Flow-sheets for employer information, categorized for each patient, neutralizing need to filter protocols for different patients
  • Compatible for using critical forms—DOT physical forms or OSHA Questionnaires
  • Easy charge entry for physical examinations, enabled via single click
  • Easy to find definitions on drug screen panels
  • Lists Medical Review Officer (MRO) data—MRO data can be faxed, printed or emailed, on demand
  • Easy-to-view summaries of work status, work-related injuries and employer reports
  • Provides comprehensive management tools, including automated recording of costing, time lost and degree of patient satisfaction
  • State-authorized reports like California PR2 or PR4 can be completed on-screen
  • Makes it easy to submit patient forms with electronic claims
  • Provides interface with Toxicology department—easing receipt & review of drug screening
  • Provides HL7 interface, including major healthcare vendors
  • Keeps track of audiometric tests, including age-related corrections
  • Makes it easy to create employer and patient reports
  • Provides easy-to-handle functionalities for worker’s compensation
  • Supports electronic signatures by physicians or case managers
  • Easy saving and retrieving of patient authorization requests—including denials and approval
  • Quickly generates reminders for upcoming appointments and tracks cancellations

First Impressions

Some folks might say that Stix Practice Management is a lot like Agility EHR. However, unlike Agility, Stix Practice Management supports some degree of tracking of clinical results. This is handy for basic reporting purposes. Yes, Stix also allows for paper records to be scanned and saved for future reference. Thus, it is useful for maintaining paperless charts. Apart from these basic similarities with popular electronic health record softwares, Stix Practice Management seeks to present itself as a unique solution for occupational health practitioners. Occupational medicine puts forth some typical demands that are not addressed among the usual EHR software offered today. This is why Stix Practice Management combines features like comprehensive reporting of administrative and clinical information, updates about billing and employer protocols along with notable scanning performance. Stix Practice Management can print most forms used across contemporary occupational health software found in healthcare facilities. It also allows the billing staff to complete these forms on-screen apart from helping them establish utilities for urgent care.

Further Analyzing Stix Practice Management

Stix Practice Management seems like a handy tool for occupational medicine providers who often attend urgent care patients but don’t require the vast range of functionalities found in most electronic health record software solutions. Stix Management Software provides handy features like instant faxing and emailing of electronic documents. Reports can be attached as PDF files and mailed without apprehensions as HIPAA-compliant encryption is assured. Other faxable documents include work summaries, case summaries, employer letters, referrals and invoices. Stix Practice Management makes scanning easier too with images being stored in a secured database. Images captured via digital camera can be instantly incorporated. It also allows easy printing of scanned documents, PDF files and photos. Stix distinguishes occupational and non-occupational visits and still provides a full view of patient data in a single screen. All organizational protocols are listed for each visit combining textual and coded data, making the interpretation easier. Most critically, Stix Practice Management is HIPAA compliant and supports in-depth auditing.