GE Centricity EMR Software Review

GE Centricity is among the most reputed of EMR software platforms that have been introduced recently to help healthcare facilities and physicians across the US adopt EMR technologies. Also referred to as the GE Centricity—EMR Software, this is an easy way to manage patient information and the medical practice's revenue model. The GE Centricity—EMR Software features some exclusive tools that is bound to make the entire working of a healthcare facility less demanding. This includes features like:

  • Easy management of Subscriptions & Orders
  • Assistance in making Healthcare & Administrative decisions
  • Instant generation of quality-of-care (service) reports
  • Keeping facility updated with healthcare Compliance & Regulation standards

Technology Basics of Centricity EMR Technology

Centricity EMR provides secured access. The designated user can access his EMR interface by entering a chosen password from any location. This makes it easier to handle typical clinical setting issues such as scheduling/re-scheduling appointments, accessing billing statements or sending across physician notes to help patients get prescription refills.

This software is also called the Centricity EMR and is now nationally acknowledged, i.e. across the US for its easy-to-handle interface. Other popular features of Centricity EMR include:

  1. Benchmarking Assistance—this offering from GE has created a Pay-for-Performance system wherein the healthcare practice can benchmark its own clinical performance against that of its competitors. This can be done on a regional or national basis. The system supports integration and straightforward viewing of data required for creating a reimbursement model or for setting guidelines regarding patient care.
  2. Widespread Acceptance—since the Centricity EMR was derived after understanding the healthcare industry standards and the latest regulations/updates, its compatibility with US healthcare norms is ensured. This is a major advantage since using an EMR system that is not compatible with HIPAA regulations can render a facility ineligible for receiving EMR stimulus money. The GE Centricity EMR is certified by authoritative regulatory bodies like the NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) for the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program. This software is a part of the GE Healthcare range of softwares with a CCHIT (Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology) certification, Ambulatory EHR 2007.
  3. Promotes Greater Community-based Penetration—the GE Centricity-EMR Software promotes regional or community-wide collaboration. This means that the software provides a format to connect with healthcare systems located beyond the clinic, helping to form a partnership with medical settings and businesses supporting clinical activities.
  4. Allows Easy Access to Peer Knowledge—the Centricity EMR is used by a large number of healthcare providers and facilities in the US, allowing such professionals to collaborate their wisdom. With such a side group of physicians forming a part of the Users’ Group, gaining from the experience of peers is ensured.
  5. Offers GE’s Undoubted Expertise—most significantly, Centricity EMR has met the quality standards set forth as a part of the Six Sigma quality evaluation. The presence of GE as the parent company means the highest standards of quality and ensures incorporation of the latest, patient data-handling methodologies.

In conclusion, GE’s Centricity EMR answers every requirement of patient-care in a facility that wants to adopt the electronic/paperless format of functioning. It is compatible with most of the contemporary revenue management systems used in US healthcare facilities and shares many aspects with other GE offerings in this niche like Centricity Business Advantage and Centricity Business.