Recommendable EMR Vendors for Hospitals/Enterprise-level Healthcare Information Intergration

Nearly every healthcare facility, including hospitals and large-scale specialty clinics, have realized the critical need of progressing towards the comprehensive adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). It should be understood that although there are many EMR software available in the market, not each of them is suited for bigger healthcare facilities with a lot of people working in medical billing positions. Many of them have limited functionalities that are best suited for small-scale or single-physician, private practices. Therefore, it is vital to have an insight into some of the recommended EMR vendors whose services are best suited for hospitals or those seeking an enterprise-level integration of healthcare information.

1. WeCentricity By GE Healthcare

Centricity EMR is best suited for ambulatory care physicians and the clinical staff that need extensive patient documentation. With Centricity, streamlining the clinical data and exchanging with other healthcare specialists becomes easier. It has already set the standards for EMR applications in electronic ambulatory care records. Along with providing exceptional performance for healthcare professionals, its interface is equally handy-to-use for the facility administrators. It is reputed to be a major cost-saver for ambulatory healthcare facilities, along with being increasingly recommended for academic medical establishments and integrated healthcare delivery networks. Now, Centricity seeks to provide precise documentation solutions through a range of products like:
• Centricity EMR Specialty Care
• Centricity Enterprise
• Centricity EMR

2. WebDMEMR is a completely web-focused EMR which translates into direct cost-savings since there is no need to purchase expensive software or have complex hardware installations. WebDMEMR can be simply understood as a net-connected EMR interface that provides you the option of remotely connecting with the patient information database by merely typing-in your log-in details. Further, there are no standard, fixed or ‘getting-started’ charges. The user will have to pay only for the kind of services that are demanded and used. As a result, the WebDMEMR solutions are offered in a number of packages that can be browsed at

3. Waiting Room Solutions is another web-based EMR Management Software that is affordable and recommended for hospitals or research-based, enterprise networks. The entire format is best suited for practices and users that tend to operate in an interaction-heavy environment. It offers a range of functionalities that can be accessed 24x7 for being connected with the registered users within the customized network. It is increasingly being touted as the most affordable and simple Practice Management System. Further, unlike some other web-based EMRs, there is absolutely no risk of data poaching and the security standards are fully compliant with CCHIT Certification and HIPAA regulations. These security features are combined under the Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA that seems to meet the stringiest of standards for data integrity.

4. Praxis EMR prides itself of having developed the most exhaustive EMR interface by building upon the feedbacks given by long-term users, including specialty-care facilities and hospitals. It is often dubbed as the most ‘physician-themed’ of contemporary EMRs. The latest offering in the form of the Praxis EMR Version 4 incorporates a long list of recommended features that were a part of earlier versions. The idea is to provide more services that are introduced sporadically without asking for additional charges. In fact, Praxis does not believe in introducing newer versions, very often. The emphasis is on constantly improving the present EMR technology through periodic updates. The most relevant example in this regard is the Praxis EMR Knowledge Exchanger that is bound to make an impression on those who have a basic grasp of EMR functions and have found it hard to use these software for quick exchange of opinion with other providers in medical emergencies.