Allscripts MyWay EMR Software Review

Allscripts is among the few EMR formats that have been able to engage positive reviews across the entire US healthcare niche, primarily because of its simplicity and the ability to provide solutions for the most modest of healthcare practices. Allscripts has been conceptualized by healthcare professionals who have combined their expertise to create an effective-yet-simple EMR interface that offers an undemanding integration with most kinds of clinical information networks used in healthcare workplaces.

Allscripts' EMR solution is called MyWay and this name signifies the fact that it can easily adapt to the exiting healthcare information system being used by a facility. Allscripts has been termed as being highly ‘intuitive’ and is quite easy-to-learn. It also offers a straightforward learning tool that helps new users of this EMR software to customize the visible options in the software according to their preferences. Such quick customization features and the fact that Allscripts doesn’t preach a template in its workflow solutions combine to make Allscripts an enviable option for healthcare facilities trying EMR systems for the first time.

Allscripts MyWay is also quite affordable. There is a minimal, initial or down payment which is followed by a rather modest monthly fee. Allscripts MyWay doesn’t require any kind of up-front expenses in terms of hiring IT staff members. Allscripts Professional is among the rare EMR systems that offer so many financing options. This includes zero initial payments during the first phase, i.e. six months. The savings offered by Allscripts when compared with some of the other, fancier EMR systems translates into thousands of dollars over a period. MyWay Solutions are delivered via a hosted service network which further minimizes cost of using digital patient information systems.

Allscripts MyWay defines the term 'integrated HER' since it seamlessly blends with the existing patient information systems of a facility and its features can be combined with existing patient solution interfaces to establish a better, more user-friendly interface. Unlike some of the more expensive EMR solutions, MyWay offers a unified database system. This means that healthcare/business data can be shared across a practice’s offices effortlessly. This also means more savings since no server is required for using Allscripts MyWay. Allscripts EMR Professional is known to mimic the work-flow functions being used by a practice to the extent of suggesting options that are in tune with a physician’s preferred process. It offers access across a large network of media tools including iPads, iPhones, BlackBerry and other Android-based smartphones.

Today, Allscripts EMR is being used by more than 180,000 physicians in the US and most initial impressions about this EMR highlight its safety and client-friendliness. Allscripts is suitable for the smallest of clinical settings, mid-size practices and also the bigger healthcare facilities.