Epic Canto iPad Apps EMR Software Review

Epic Canto iPad App is among the latest range of iPad EMR tools that are on the verge of being released and are engaging a lot of opinions in the US healthcare niche. Epic Canto is regarded as one of the safest, most dependable of options in this niche. Canto iPad is recommended to all healthcare facilities and providers who are seeking an affordable and easy way of staying connected to patient/healthcare information. Canto iPad is known to sustain the highest levels of security among iPad EMR systems. Thus, only the authorized users are allowed access to Epic's Electronic Health Record. The secure access isn’t compromised in any when being used on the iPad.

Users have ready access to patient lists along with the ability to view and edit health summaries on their iPad using the Canto. They can view test results and fresh, clinical notes in real time. Canto has some exclusive features like dictation support. Please note that the Canto iPad works on iPads with iOS 4.2 or higher processing configurations. For using Canto iPad and creating a list of licensed/verified users of Canto iPad, the organization has to get its access licensed from Canto and it should be using Epic Summer 2009 version EMR. This configuration ensures that all the recommended features are available when accessing patient data on the iPad. The billing pattern is rather easy and standard charges are applied to the facility using Canto.

It is worth mentioning that this is not Canto’s first tryst with creating iPad applications. Earlier, it had created a dedicated iPhone app—Haiku. The Canto iPad is the latest of iPad-friendly EMR solutions from this globally-renowned vendor. Using the iPad, physicians will be able to stay connected with their facility’s patient database and even show this data on their iPads to patients they meet during a home-visit. Further, the iPad is not among the most expensive of media devices and offers a convincing 10 hours of battery life. Carrying it is not an issue since it weights under pound-and-a-half.