Medinotes EMR Software Upgrade Program

It has been a few weeks since one of the most demanded software solution provider in the healthcare niche, Eclipsys notified that their offering in the EMR segment—MediNotes, will not be supported after December 2011. This continues to be a big disappointment for most MediNotes clients but it seems that there are some aspects in this increasing pessimism about Medinotes EMR that have been oversighted by many people.

Solving Common Apprehensions About MediNotes 2012:

Will Allscripts totally cut-off its support to MediNotes? Medical practitioners can breathe easy since the removal of Allscripts services in MediNotes isn't as comprehensive as it was supposed to be earlier. Allscripts has acknowledged the magnitude of its services across healthcare practices of all sizes. As a result, its support for MediNotes is bound to continue—for how long, is a point of conjecture but there are no immediate threats for sure! In fact, most healthcare and IT industry analysts say that Allscripts is least likely to break itself totally from MediNotes’ functionalities.

Will Allscripts help healthcare offices to receive stimulus health incentives? Yes! Allscripts’ continued relationship with MediNotes seems to have progressed further with the launch of the MediNotes Upgrade Program—directed at easing the upgrade to a more comprehensive EHR solution for practices currently using Allscripts at slightly-discounted rates. This new Allscripts EHR is projected to meet the most stringent of ARRA certification mandates required as a part of adopting and using EHR. This new EHR will ensure unquestioned compatibility with Stage 1 of Meaningful Use, ensuring the users are within the bracket of healthcare businesses/practices claiming stimulus incentives.

What is the MediNotes Client Upgrade about? This upgrade is aimed at existing MediNotes clients, ensuring that they are not inconvenienced with the ongoing changes in the Electronic Health Records niche. This upgrade seeks to address the ambulatory requirements of healthcare facilities and is committed to ensuring that a healthcare facility can achieve its workplace objectives, business goals along with smoothly transitioning towards integration of an undemanding EHR service. Existing MediNotes clients can call the MediNotes Client Hotline at 877-551-1378 for solving their apprehensions in this respect. They can also email their queries. Existing MediNotes clients need to pay a reasonably-priced amount of $474.00 per month for using the MyWay EMR. This is the fee charged for one full-time healthcare provider. The users of this software can feel assured about compliance with HIPAA as MyWay is ARRA-certified and thus, qualifies for incentives listed as a part of federal healthcare stimulus.

Progression from MediNotes to MyWay is Easy! Long-time users of MediNotes should realize that the transition towards MyWay isn't difficult. Their clinical data will be transitioned in an organized manner ensuring there are no problems for MyWay users. This includes seamless integration of scanned medical imaging files. The entire process for one full-time healthcare provider shouldn’t take more than a handful of days. Some healthcare facilities have already tapped into this transition and their reviews have been quite encouraging, so far. For instance, some facilities reported that clinical data conversion specialists employed for MyWay upgrade logged into their existing systems during the off-hours. This was done to ensure that the practice and its personnel are not troubled during their working hours. This is just one example of how MyWay users are being eased efficiently into a better, more comprehensive EHR system. Some healthcare practitioners using MyWay recommend the service saying that the Allscripts representatives are extremely cooperative, ready to work beyond the stipulated working hours or terms of service just to ensure that their practice did not suffer in the least.