Meditech EMR Software Review

EMR Interoperability is vital since the eligibility for healthcare stimulus benefits has emphasized upon the adoption of Electronic Medical Records and now, Interoperability is being stressed upon as a part of adopting EMR software. EMR Interoperability refers to digital patient health information systems that allow access of clinical data to patients and across business entities associated with a clinical setting, ideally in a real-time format. Meditech EMR has emerged as one of the few EMR solutions that combine Interoperability with ease-of-use and affordability..

Meditech EMR is among the latest of real-time patient information systems. It is exhaustive enough to enter a patient's lifetime of medical data. Meditech EMR is being increasingly adopted by private physician practices and group health caregivers. Meditech EMR is adaptable enough to be used in large hospital settings or small, remote private clinics. The most impressive feature of Meditech EMR is its real-time patient information handling. This means that healthcare providers are provided immediate access to critical information being uploaded in real time, i.e. healthcare professionals/patients can instantly view any healthcare information as soon as it is uploaded.

This is why Meditech EMR is credited with making decision-making for physicians easier. This patient information storage and processing information system includes exclusive tools for saving:

  • Vital Signs
  • Medications
  • Lab results
  • Pathology Reports
  • Patient Notes
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Ambulatory Services

Meditech EMR is largely praised for the high level of Patient Record security that it offers. This EMR is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of patient information. This is achieved by establishing easy but limited access. This includes features such as User Access that can be restricted based upon patient location or maintaining patient confidentiality through VIP flags. This ensures that outside or illicit users are not allowed to access patient records. Here, users can be restricted to only viewing patients within a designated geographical location or nursing units. This kind of customization in maintaining integrity of patient/healthcare information is seldom seen in contemporary EMR softwares.

Some enviable features of Meditech EMR include:

  • Seamless integration of patient’s historical, clinical and outpatient data
  • Easy viewing of real-time clinical data
  • Immediate update of information regarding diagnostic evaluation of patient
  • Organization of existing clinical data into customized clinical panels
  • Analyzing patient data over a period and creating patient trending charts with ease
  • Optional setting for automated clinical alerts
  • Patient information security through multiple ways of restricting access points
  • Option of combining data downloaded from other vendors with Meditech EMR interface

Creating Quick Patient Summary
Meditech EMR provides the option of creating a summary of a patient's entire clinical data. This includes the option to create snapshots or summarized listings. This helps to save upon critical physician time. This way, physicians can open a set of date-wise summary of patient visits and view the details. This can be understood as a system of establishing Centralized Patient Summary.

MEDITECH EMR Training Video