Agility EHR Software Review

Integritas is among the global leaders in creating customized software solutions various healthcare departments. One of its most popular offerings in this segment is the Agility EHR. Integritas has been associated with the US healthcare industry for more than two decades and this is visible in the enviable degree of flexibility offered by Agility EHR.

Get Acquainted with Agility EHR
This is essentially an integrated EMR clinical solution that provides an easy-to-use practice management system for handling patient data demands across various specialties such as:

  • Urgent Care
  • Occupational Health
  • Family Medicine

Agility EHR is particularly recommended to clinical environments saturated with a high number of patients. It is perhaps the lone performer when it comes to EMR software solutions that work seamlessly across different specialties. An often highlighted part of Agility EHR is its functionalities for group health insurance collections, Medicaid, Medicare and Workers’ Compensation apart from contracted employer care and self-pay billing solutions. Just like the other offering from Integritas in this niche, i.e. Stix Practice Management, Agility EHR too can be either installed or used as a hosted software application.

Agility EHR—Comprehensive Clinical EMR
Agility EHR has been able to establish such a long list of healthcare facilities as its clients because it offers a wider array of integration. That includes:

  • Occupational medicine
  • Urgent care
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Onsite Employer Clinics

This clinical EMR has been spoken widely for its crisp reporting format that includes financial, administrative and clinical data. The documentation is executed quickly and with precision. It can also handle Receivables apart from more complex employer billing. The imaging resolutions and clarity are simply splendid and the scanning medical records capabilities are at par with the best in this niche.

How Agility EHR Eases Charting:

  • Charting can be done independent of a sequence
  • Uses Merlins function charts
  • Charting rate is faster than a dictation
  • Provides automated review of problems listed by patient and medications
  • Ensures secured and faster execution of electronic signatures
  • Equipped with automated filling of data like Work Summary and Workers’ Compensation from charting

Quicker Prescriptions with Agility EHR are achieved because of:

  • Easy access to verification data for drug allergies, drug-illness interactions includes
  • Drug formulations are automatically verified, i.e. in real-time
  • Dispensing software linked with digitalized prescription—no need to enter patient data again
  • Prescription submitted instantly via SureScripts network
  • Agility EHR also eases provider and patient authorizations. It can capture stamped orders apart from documenting practitioner requests that are needed for managing state compensation mandates. Reporting with agility is robust and precise. This includes staff-productivity and clinical reports. Agility EHR is also a capable performer for overall scheduling tasks. This includes accessing employer protocols that enables faster search for scheduling appointments. It can easily create reminders about appointments apart from tracking and reporting cancellations.

    Concluding Agility EHR Review: Does it ensure compliance with HIPAA standards?
    This is perhaps the biggest question on anyone's mind evaluating different EHR solutions. Please note that Agility is a certified CCHIT AMBULATORY EHR and seems fully capable of addressing requirements put forth as a part of ARRA's 'meaningful use' benchmarks. This makes it particularly recommendable to healthcare facilities seeking Stimulus Bill incentives. Yes, it meets the latest industry standards in terms of inter-operability which was the main issue with some previously-released EHR solutions. Further, Agility takes care of ensuring continuity of healthcare documents along with fulfilling HIPAA Privacy Rule benchmarks, including the most vital aspect of comprehensive audits.