Five Recommendable EMR Softwares for Doctors/Clinics

There has been a surge in the number of EMR software vendors with the introduction of the Stimulus Bill. Most healthcare professional realize that updating their current practices to the electronic format for storing Patient Health Information is no longer a choice. However many EMRs have not been able to sustain the certification standards that are described mandatory to avail the incentives listed for early adopters of EHR technologies. Therefore, it is vital to have a brief idea about some of the EMR softwares in the market that have been able to offer competent and affordable services.

1. Amazing Charts — EMR services provided by Amazing Charts use an electronic Chart that has an uncanny resemblance to the conventional paper charts used for maintaining healthcare records. The Chart has tabs at the top that leads to the standard sections like patient demographics, the summary sheet and history of prior visits. Special emphasis is laid on providing the maximum volume of patient information on a single page. Every time a patient chart is clicked upon, the most recent visit’s details are automatically laid out, i.e. the patient chart is progressive in terms of presenting information.

Amazing Charts, a complete certified ambulatory EHR, is $1,995 per provider for the first year, and $995 per year thereafter for maintenance and support.

2. eClinicalWorks EMR format allows patient information to be accessed within the actual healthcare facility and from remote locations. Attending physicians can communicate with referring physicians and share notes besides sharing the saved clinical data. eClinicalWorks EMR makes it easier to browse through the entire patient history and other detailed data such as history of visits, medications and diagnostic tests. The emphasis is upon providing smart solutions and being more than just an information-recording medium. It actually tries to help the physicians in making informed clinical decisions. Primary Care Physicians can use this EMR for making a copy of physician notes in the conventional S.O.A.P. format. There are innovative tools like Registry Reporting for analyzing the quality of healthcare services rendered and the overall patient service management.


  • $400 per month for using the web-based format
  • $10K for accessing the Client/Server model(
    (Including every thing from EMR to Scheduling/Reporting/Document Management)

3. e-MDs is a windows-based EMR uses Chart Streamlines that makes the entire EHR interface more precise, avoiding duplication of data. Add-ons like Messages, Reminders and Alerts are automatically added against a patient's chart. It helps physicians to quickly consult reports and draft consult letters. Even Referral Letters are merged within the patient demographics are highlighted in the Notes. The Patient Health Summary along with the current treatment process is shown on a single screen. The breakthrough FastForm technology helps to decrease the documentation time by highlighting the more applicable, i.e. patient-filled documentation. Clinical information is updated to include the latest in NIH guidelines. The drug database is exhaustive with nearly 35,000 medication listings along with a unique nutraceuticals list.

These features are combined with facilities like the use of:

  • Customizable templates
  • Preloaded answers to patient queries
  • One-click access to Past History Documentation
  • Medical coding standards (as per CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS Guidelines)

4. Sage/Vitera Intergy EHR Software is a Certified software that has been prepared particularly for doctors who want to migrate to the electronic format of storing healthcare data without changing their style of functioning. Sage Intergy EMR provides the maximum range of customizable features and its new offerings like the Sage Intergy EHR V5.5 is focused towards making information management easier and making the presentation of clinical data less demanding. If offers a dedicated section for preventive healthcare along with an exhaustive list of treatments protocols. It is ideally suited for medical professionals who want to get started with e-prescribing, using a more interactive format. It has various document templates that are equally effective for capturing simple and coded data.

Other features include:

  • On-demand Drug Utilization Review
  • Quick linking for Drug Interaction Information
  • Easy preparation of Clinical record summaries
  • Automated templates for quicker documentation

5. AltaPoint EMR is one of the most uncomplicated EMR products in the market and is very handy for first-time users of electronic healthcare records. Most of the functional options are listed on the main screen itself. It is easy to transfer all the medical record exams to the main interface using the innovative EMR Exam Word Lists. AltaPoint EMR is suited for any type of clinic, including the specialty clinics, as it allows easy customization options for healthcare professionals to record a vast array of medical exams. Some noteworthy features of this EMR package include:

  • Automated setting of patient alerts
  • Recording provision for 'Reactions to Medications & Immunizations'
  • Comprehensive immunization records
  • Explanation of growth and patient progress charts in percentiles
  • Option of using an Integrated Billing System to create quick, onsite bills