e-MDs EMR/EHR Software Review

The e-MDs software is windows-based EMR software that was founded by a physician 15 years ago and is equally managed by physicians. Duplication of data is avoided by the use of Chart Streamlines that makes the entire EHR interface more precise. It automatically adds add-ons like Messages, Reminders and Alerts are automatically against a patient's chart. When it comes to letters, physicians have an easy time as they can quickly consult reports and draft consult letters. Moreover, Referral Letters are merged within the patient demographics and are further highlighted in the Notes. It uses a single screen to show the Patient Health Summary accompanied by the current treatment process. By using the breakthrough FastForm technology, the documentation time is significantly reduced by highlighting the more applicable parts, i.e. patient-filled documentation. Updates to the Clinical information include the latest in NIH guidelines. The drug database is not only exhaustive with nearly 35,000 medication listings but also has a unique nutraceuticals list.

The e-MDs software has unique facilities combined with its features such as:

  • Templates that is customizable
  • Patient queries have preloaded answers
  • Past History Documentation can be accessed by one-click
  • It upholds the medical coding standards (as per CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS Guidelines)

Given that this solution is certified on all the 44 Clinical Quality Measures of the meaningful use requirements, then any practitioner who wishes to use this solution will automatically qualify for the stimulus money as long as they meet the meaningful use EHR eligibility criteria. This, of course is in consideration of the e-MDs Solution Series 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2. This Certified EHR also has the optional accounting of disclosures criteria as stipulated in the incentive program. Deployment of this system is also very flexible as the users get to choose whether they want it on their premises or hosted at the vendors site. It is also affordable and integrated EHR / EMR with Practice Management software solutions. It aims at improving care, simplifying business and reducing errors in order to give patients the quality time that they deserve which is automatically billed and properly coded. This system is able to unsign a note for 24 hours, this is a big deal! This is a very admirable feature that any physician will appreciate!

The e-MDs EMR solution is good with Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, ENT, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Orthopaedic, Paediatrics, Urology, and many other office-based specialties. In most cases, this product is predominantly found in Ambulatory Settings, Mental Health centres, Academic Medical centres, Physician Hospital Organizations, Cancer/Oncology centres, Billing Services, Home Health Agencies, Urgent Care centres and Surgery centres. This only goes to show that it is robust.

As much as e-MDs solution comes with great customer support, active user community, excellent training and an excellent document management feature, there are some issues with the system. For example, one user cannot have a note open on two different computers and some data cannot be shared between modules as it should be. The online training is also very costly; $125 per hour. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in the next EMR software release.

e-MDs Meaningful Use Overview