Practice Fusion Free Web-based EMR Review

Practice Fusion is by far one of the best EHR products in the market with an amazing intuitive and well-designed interface that simply offers a seamless user experience. Practices can switch to 100% usage over a single weekend with absolutely no downtime and what’s more, the 'Live in Five' program makes it possible to sign-up and to start creating charts software in only 5 minutes literally. By the end of the day, you will be e-prescribing prescriptions and lab interfaces which before took significant delays from the date of request. This is how health management personnel are able to readily utilise this very popular 100% free web based EHR software. Without a doubt, it has the fastest growing client base in the Electronic Health Records market. Its specialities are Podiatry, Obstetrics/Gynaecology (Ob-Gyn), Psychiatry, Paediatrics and Surgery; however, it mainly targets primarily family medicine and internal medicine practices.

Practice Fusion Features

This software offers features such as e-prescribing, scheduling, lab integration, referral letters, charting, billing, Meaningful Use certification, free connected PHR in addition to this, there are two most desirable features; easy customisation thanks to its template library and therefore, you do not have to create your templates from scratch and at the same time, it offers unlimited live chat support. If you are going to be seeing some of your patients out of your office, then it is better you get an iPad if you do not have one already since Practice Fusion has teamed up with LogMeIn to make sure you can access the exact same product on your iPad that you have in your office unlike other solutions that do not offer iPad support while those who do, offer a totally different graphical user interface.

So who cares if they are going to be having annoying ads in the corner? After all, they have all the desirable features that practitioners are looking for besides, if you get distracted by the advertisements it only means you are not busy. You may however need to think twice before deciding on adopting this software for your practice given that:

  • They sell your patients de-identified data. Even though this is not an illegal practice, many who do not read the fine print of the licensing agreement where this is clearly mentioned, sign up and later get stuck. Because as part of the licensing provisions doctors transfer their ownership of patient data, stripped of identifiers, to the company.
  • Since it is web based, it is fully dependent on the internet therefore, when the internet goes down, it takes Practice Fusion with it. Then there is the question of long-term survival; will Practise Fusion be there in there let’s say for at least the next ten years to come? Well, Practice Fusion offers service level agreement which guarantees uptime 99.9% uptime and performs very quickly. Data transfer between Practice Fusion and your practice is done with bank-level encyrtion using and the data HIPAA compliant infrastructure. What's more the data is backed-up behind Cisco firewalls.

So, the choice is yours to choose what is best suited to your particular situation. 1) Would you jump ship with several years of patients’ data and move to Practice Fusion to get e-prescribing and a free EHR which is certified to the meaningful use criteria adopted by the HHS at the price of de-identified patient data. 2) Do you stick with what your office is already working well with and ignore the lucrative $44,000 in stimulus incentives?

Practice Fusion's Free Web-Based Electronic Health Records

Ryan Howard, founder and CEO of Practice Fusion, discusses the Practice Fusion's free, web-based electronic medical records system. The Practice Fusion platform is fully featured with HIPAA security, service level agreement, ChartShare feature and Live in Five sign up process.