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Black Book Rankings 2014 Top 20 Family Practice EMR Software Vendors

An internationally accredited firm for accurate, reliable, extensive, in-depth, impartial user/customer satisfaction surveys is Black Book Rankings. They are the unbiased polling source, opinion mining and market research group. These surveys are more often than not, done in the hundreds and are mostly focused on vender comparisons.

Black Book Rankings Top Twenty Large Hospital EMR Software Vendors

Black Book Rankings is an internationally acknowledged firm for their accurate, reliable, extensive, in-depth, impartial user/customer satisfaction surveys annually. These surveys are normally in the hundreds focused on vender comparisons and geared to support Government contractors, Vendors and other 30 industry groups.

Agility EHR Software Review

Integritas is among the global leaders in creating customized software solutions various healthcare departments. One of its most popular offerings in this segment is the Agility EHR. Integritas has been associated with the US healthcare industry for more than two decades and this is visible in the enviable degree of flexibility offered by Agility EHR.

Medinotes EMR Software Upgrade Program

It has been a few weeks since one of the most demanded software solution provider in the healthcare niche, Eclipsys notified that their offering in the EMR segment—MediNotes, will not be supported aft

Stix Practice Management Software Review

Stix Practice Management is being touted as the best software solution for occupational medicine practitioners.

Understanding iPad EMR - Web-based Electronic Medical Records Software

The Apple iPad has made its entrance in the US healthcare niche in a grand style. The user-friendly interface of the iPad means that it is ideally suited for physicians who were searching for an easy way of staying connected with their facility’s patient information system. This fact has now been acknowledged by leading EMR vendors across the nation.

UPMC Upgrades EMR via Oracle GoldenGate and Cerner's 724Access Software

UPMC has been a leader in adopting the latest of healthcare norms and in its endeavor to make its Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) more patient-centric and to raise the overall quality-of-care, it ha

Cerner Ambulatory EMR Software Review

Cerner EMR is a product from Cerner Ambulatory—a solutions provider that seeks to deliver answers for all kinds of healthcare practices.

Meditech EMR Software Review

EMR Interoperability is vital since the eligibility for healthcare stimulus benefits has emphasized upon the adoption of Electronic Medical Records and now, Interoperability is being stressed upon as a part of adopting EMR software.

Allscripts MyWay EMR Software Review

Allscripts is among the few EMR formats that have been able to engage positive reviews across the entire US healthcare niche, primarily because of its simplicity and the ability to provide solutions f