Patient Fusion (Practice Fusion) PHR Review

Yet another way for practitioners to fulfil one of the meaningful use requirements. Patient Fusion PHR platform allows practitioners to give patients free online access to their health information to securely view diagnoses, immunizations and prescriptions. This is good to hear. One of the proposed Meaningful Use Stage 2 Requirements included in the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act of 2009 is a mandate that practitioners give their patients the ability to view, download and send their medical records online. This is due to the fact that the records are electronic and should therefore be easy to share not only between physicians but also with their patients. Patient fusion is a PHR service which enables physicians to share PHI with their patients and in real time; it updates automatically wherever there is a change made to the chart in the physician’s practice fusion EHR (Electronic Health Records) main interface.

Given that this PHR (Patient Health Records) is online, the patient can log in anywhere and be able to access their records. This is enabled by the use of a secure password which is supplied the moment a patient is enrolled to use this program. The initial password is sent to their email addresses and upon their first login, they are prompted to change their password. This is for security reasons and to make sure that nobody else can gain unauthorised access to their records. Besides, it is built on one of the most secure and scalable infrastructures in the world not forgetting, it offers better disaster recovery and uptime numbers compared to most PHR solutions in the health care sector.

Practice Fusion Free Web-Based EMR

One key point to note is that patient fusion is easy to set up. It is already integrated into the Practice Fusion free Web-Based EMR electronic health record (EHR) system and all the physician has to do is grant the patient access to their data by a simple click from the charting interface. This is a feature that is available to every user of the Practice Fusion software at no cost or downtime. The only thing is that the physician can only enrol those patients who want to use this service. And coming to think of it, who would not want to have access to their medical records? This enables patients and physicians an even closer connection which adds greater quality to the healthcare given. The communication is made easier especially because both practitioner and patient can easily see their upcoming scheduled appointments as they engage in the healthcare process, medical errors can easily be avoided, and so much more.

If your aim is to give the patient higher quality services, better outcomes, fewer medical mistakes all at lower costs then it is important to let them be actively involved in the medical care process. Practice Fusion is a PHR solution that will enable this process through its platform. Using this solution will not only make patients healthier and happier but will also guarantee them an instant and secure access to their medical chart plus medication and immunization history. They will also be able to view diagnosis and prescriptions as reported by your practice and at the same time, track medical updates in real time.

PHR Enrollment Tutorial - Practice Fusion