Minerva Health Manager PHR Review

Minerva Health Manager Personal Edition is a PHR software solution. But it is not your regular software. It is a comprehensive health management tool that can be used from one generation to another. Personal Health Records enable patients to not only have access to their medical records, but also manage these health records. Now that the health care systems are turning paperless and all patient health records are being converted to electronic records, the results can only be better health records management. More so with the fact, patents are being allowed access to their own health information. Minerva Health Manager is not only quite unique but also runs with a Minerva Flash Drive. Therefore, you can have your records wherever, whenever. With the flash drive, your records are portable and you can easily share them with your doctor or in the event of an emergency, with the first responders.

Minerva health manager PHR solution allows the patient to:

  • Record and store health information such as immunizations, vital signs, diagnoses, medications, surgical and non-surgical treatments, allergies, lab tests, x-rays, lifestyle habits, diet, exercise, stress level, etc.
  • Graph important health indicators.
  • Print reports and/or emergency cards that they can carry in their wallet.
  • Give details of their future care decisions such as the living will, organ or tissue donations, healthcare proxy, etc.
  • Include important contacts such as emergency contacts, healthcare and insurance providers together with their health information.

Minerva Health Manager is a software solution that allows the user to manage the health information of their entire family. That is for the user’s parents and children. This therefore means that the entire family will receive better, if not the best, healthcare. This is due to the fact that practitioners will be empowered to take the right steps in ensuring they maintain the user’s good health with the information provided and at the earliest time possible. This is made possible especially because of the records of the hereditary health conditions in the family tree.

By the use of this software, health information is not only portable through the use of the Minerva Flash Drive but you can also have it in your iPhone, iPad or Android device. This information can be stored using the Minerva PHR Viewer. In addition, your parents and children also get to carry this vital information with them wherever they go, even globally. They can also login with a unique password to access and manage their own personal health information from the same software.

By a simple click on the mouse, you can print as much health information as you would like in form of reports. This new way of managing health records simply gives the users the power to take control of their Personal Health Records. A key feature that should be highlighted is the ability to have some of your health care information private. The Minerva Health Manager Personal Edition PHR software solution allows you to choose what information can be viewed by either your family members or your physicians.

Personal Health Record Software - Video Tour of Minerva Health Manager