Microsoft HealthVault Review: A Click away from Your Health Information

Microsoft HealthVault PHR is sure to offer great help to individuals who need to take a quick peek on their health information no matter where they are. With the complexity of modern healthcare, people can’t help but think about access to their medical records and the latest health information about them. HealthVault is a very powerful online application made to aid users take note and manage their health including those of their family.

Aside from storing health records, Microsoft HealthVault intergration is open and inclusive of industry standards on many devices allowing them to synchronize captured data into one’s personal health record (PHR).

Microsoft HealthVault caters to both ordinary individuals and HIPAA healthcare experts. But before being able to take advantage of the services offered by Microsoft HealthVault, one must become a verified member. Registration can be done with a valid Windows Live ID or an OpenID which is exclusively provided by various organizations to their members. Users of HealthVault do not necessarily have to associate themselves with healthcare providers in order gain access to the services. The better part is HealthVault is offered free for anyone to use.

Access to HealthVault records does not limit to one’s account only. Other registered members can be given authority by other users to view some contents of their account. This feature allows parents to view and manage their family’s health information. On the other hand, doctors, care givers, and other medical practitioners can also view their patient’s health information to assist them in managing their health.

Microsoft HealthVault also offers interoperability features. Information gathered from other PHR providers can be added to HealthVault as long as the information is in compliance with the industry standards.

Applications focused to storing health information is never enough to many of us. Thus, aside from creating a repository for health records, HealthVault is added with applications designed to keep healthy people remain fit. Users can access embedded applications such as WalkMe and Heart360 to keep track of their daily physical exercise. Heartbeat and blood pressure monitoring devices which can be synchronized with HealthVault are also available in many stores.

With all the innovative features present in Microsoft HealthVault, accessing one’s information is guaranteed safe and fast. Since most part of the application is contributed by members coming from the healthcare industry, users are assured that sufficient and reliable information are within their reach. HealthVault contributors include application developers, physicians, pharmacies and few other organizations focusing on healthcare.