Patient Ally PHR Review

Having an affordable way of managing your personal health is really appealing, more so when it is free. Patient Ally PHR is not only Internet based, but is also a completely free Personal Health Record Management system.

This software solution enables you to:

  • Communicate with your health care providers online
  • Manage your medical records and keep track for free
  • Schedule, cancel or change appointments with your practitioner
  • Request for medication and/or prescription refills
  • Request and/or view your lab results
  • Store and maintain your medical documents

The key features of this software are as follows:

  1. Pre-built in forms which allows you to fill then in once, you do not have to fill them in again.
  2. The Patient Ally’s internal Inbox which allows you to communicate with your health care provider through the Patient Channel.
  3. The Document Centre which enables you to upload all medical records only once and by using the Inbox, send them to your providers.
  4. It enables you to view the latest vitals in charts from your doctor visits plus so can also enter and keep track of your own vitals. This is an important feature in the view of the fact that it has a health opinion system which will give you recommendations based on the history of your vitals.

It is important to note that Patient Ally is part of the Office Ally EMR (Electronic Medical Records) which is an accredited EHNAC organization. EHNAC (The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission) represents a wide range of stake holders. It is peer-driven and aims at advancing health care through electronic transaction standards. The users can therefore be assured of a safe and secure solution when they use Patient Ally. In addition, given that it offers free services and is online, any patient with a computer and internet connection can use Patient Ally.

Speaking from a patient’s point of view, going through the process of seeing a doctor can be quite cumbersome especially if you have more than one physician for your specialized needs. More often than not, every new doctor you visit, whether a dermatologist or just the general doctor, involves a lot of paperwork re-filling. In some cases, you may be required to go back to the doctor’s office to fill out additional information and even to retrieve results. It gets worse in large hospitals; although your results may be ready, you may be required to wait for the processing and subsequent mailing time before you can access them. I believe that waiting and repeating the same tasks over and over again should not part of something that’s directly related to your health as an emergency treatment may be unnecessarily be delayed. That is why I thank Patient Ally for offering a solution to this problem by saving health records online. All doctors can access the latest information from the record, and even keep in touch using Patient Ally’s communication system. The best part is that this can all be done while at the comfort of your desk.

Patient Ally tutorial showing how to request an appointment and use the Patient Ally Personal Health Record management system.