Getting Health Information While on the Go through Epic MyChart PHR

Epic MyChart PHR is one of the most undemanding ways of managing medical records and process healthcare information. This EMR application seems to have the answers for every aspect of going paperless in the healthcare niche. It also ensures greater accessibility, i.e. healthcare information of a facility can be accessed by its registered members (both patients and physicians) via their mobiles. This 365 x 24 availability of patient information via Epic ensures that clinicians who need to travel long distances can access medical information on the go and update their contemporaries or facility about any development in patient handling. Epic MyChart PHR provides an easy interface for accessing everything from medical appointments, prescriptions and patient’s medical history.

Epic PHR (Personal Health Record) allows patients to feed their latest test results and upload documents that are eligible as a part of Continuity of Care Documents sourced from other healthcare facilities. Epic MyChart is essentially an integrated online application that also provides patients a medium of accessing their electronic medical records (EMR), i.e. in consultation with a medical facility. Epic MyChart is also referred to as an organizer since it stores, indexes and helps to extract medical information in the most convenient manner, acting like an online warehouse of patient information.

The most common of healthcare requirements like creating an inquiry for a prescription can be done via Epic MyChart. This helps both medical practitioners and patients. Please note that many times patients themselves require immediate access to their prescription. Epic PHR helps saving them hours of standing in queue for getting their meds. Being a user of Epic MyChart means that patients can access their prescription from any internet-linked PC, Epic MyChart can also be used to establish a virtual connection between physicians and patients. Using this tool, patients can even re-schedule their designated appointments apart from requesting an upgraded prescription, viewing history of clinical diagnosis or downloading a list of recommended, preventative measures.

Epic MyChart includes a Care Everywhere tool. This is aimed to ensure interoperability, i.e. irrespective of the location of the patient, a connection between the patient and the healthcare facility is sustained—this ensures that clinicians can always track the progress of their patients. Epic MyChart also provides the freedom of integration with non-Epic EMR systems. This means that compatibility of Epic EMR system is assured. This can be interpreted as a cross-organizational, Patient Referral Management System that is available to each Epic EMR user. This EMR interface is not sensitive to the information source; instead it cares about connecting all information sets of a patient as a part of Care Everywhere interface. Patients can use this tool to send private messages to their physicians and also make online payments of their healthcare bills.