Role of Google Glass in Hospitals

The usage and dependability of EMR software has become an inevitable fact in many countries throughout the world for medical practices. Healthcare software specialists are working day in and day out to provide more and more top notch solutions to the customers. As reliable EMR vendors, they are extending their comprehensive support for their software with 24/7 service. However many medical practitioners are now taking distinctive interest in exploring more areas of technology to improve other aspects of their medical practices. Incorporating the usage of Google Glass in medical practice is one such innovative way of initializing advanced technical edge to the medical platform.

Google Glass in Operating Rooms

Involving the use of Google Glass in operations is not only a great way to extend and broaden the learning scopes of surgeons, improving medical practices across the globe and getting more reliable emergency help. Google Glass is a head mounted optical glass with a display glass, computing facilities, and integrated video camera. It is like a smart phone through which you can access multiple computing facilities at any place.

It is already being used by many medical practitioners in USA and UK. The results are enthusiastic and overwhelming. Many started the use of Google Glass along with normal usage of electronic medial record software, and now they have made it a practice and are thinking about utilizing the benefits for greater purposes.

Benefits of Using Google Glass in Operation Rooms

  • Operation videos captured live during an operation can be broadcast to other medical practitioners around the world and to less developed countries for sharing and training other doctors with more advanced and the latest operating techniques.
  • The device could be used to provide extended help to surgical residents from senior physician-teachers on various surgical procedures.
  • The broadcast can be utilized in medical schools to provide a deeper insight directly from a Doctor’s perspective on various medical procedures.
  • It can be used potentially to hold video conference with other medical consultants and colleagues during an operation to deal with complicated situations.
  • One can refer to medical images directly in the field of view whenever required like referring to EMR for records.
  • One can stream the footage of their operation online for educational reference.

Medical Liabilities

While the usage of Google Glass is another effort of enhancing medical practices, making it more convenient just like using EMR systems there are certain liabilities that comes in hand with decision of using a Google Glass within the operating room. Before using the device one needs to maintain certain grave factors like:

  • The consent of the patient whose operation will be recorded is of utmost importance. If the patient does not consent to it with a signature on the appropriate HIPAA forms you cannot initiate recording.
  • Keeping in mind the privacy and confidentiality of patient information and recording is primary.
  • Uploading directly to online might not be safe since it might get saved in the cloud and unauthorized access can hinder privacy factors.

Already many eminent medical practitioners are using Google Glass for advanced medical experience and using it for educational purposes. This definitely opens the gate for more vivid and beneficial usage in the future.