Aegis Padlock Review USB Encrypted Hard Drive

Padlock is no longer a padlock if it comes in the form of Aegis USB encrypted hard drive with Personal Identification Number access for compliance with hitech act encryption requirements. This is not a normal padlock, in the contrary; it is an external hard drive that uses the USB port to connect to a machine and has an inbuilt key pad. It comes in two models, 128-bit AES encryption and 256-bit AES encryption. It ranges in size from 250GB to 1TB for both models. It requires no software installation yet it is very secure when it comes to protecting your personal, business or protected health information in real-time encryption. It is compatible on the three popular operating systems, Macintosh, Linux and Windows.

Listed below are some of its features and attributes that make it so unique and most desired external hard drive by most professionals.

  • It has Real-time encryption of data using the military grade FIPS PUB 197. This validated encryption algorithm keeps data safe even after removing the drive from its enclosure
  • It needs no software installation and operates on any platform making it deployable on any corporate environment
  • It allows up to 10 different user IDs on a single administrator, a feature that makes it a favorite for businesses as a collaboration tool
  • It does all encryptions for data, PINs and encryption keys at rest
  • Hackers have a rough time when it comes to this padlock due to its self-destructive feature of brute force attack. This is a lose situation where the hacker does not gain access to the data while the user/owner has to reset its PIN and this causes data loss
  • The keypad is wear resistant and not only does it last long, but it also eliminates the possibility of guessing which keys are mostly used
  • An epoxy compound coating the encryption chip and circuitry of the Aegis Padlock for protection seals it. If removed, it causes permanent damage
  • It uses Variable Time Circuit technology to protect the Aegis padlock from timing attacks
  • It has a rugged compact design that makes it portable even when on the road making it a great combination with a Notebook especially for field workers
  • It has shock mounting system that protects it from damages especially when it falls
  • It has an integrated USB cable therefore, one does not need to carry the detachable USB cords

You should never forget your password because doing so has very grievous consequences. There is no password recovery method with this Aegis padlock and therefore, it will need a reset for accessibility. This causes the loss of all data in the Aegis padlock. An improvement should be made to enable password recovery, but this may cause a security threat.

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