Availability of EMR on Google Glass

When it was first introduced, Google Glass captured the imagination of the entire world. This gadget was one of the most futuristic, Google had come up with. But, it took quite some years for this Glass to be realistically used. Recently, Google Glass has been mentioned in the news with yet more great uses. It is believed that California based Drchrono is about to come up with an application that will make EMR available of the Google Glass. In other words, the doctors will be able to sift through the reports, wearing their Google Glass, and hence will be able to perform their tasks faster. This EMR application on Google Glass will invariably change the face of the healthcare industry and its practice methods.

Why EMR on Google Glass is exciting prospect

Being able to have Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records on Google Glass can be revolutionary for the healthcare sector. This would literally be like wearing one’s health records. At the present times, in order t get a summary of the medical tests, health records, diagnosis etc of a patient, the doctor has to sift through either hard copy of the record documents or the soft copies accessible on his computer. The time spent in going through reports like this can be saved by using the Google Glass.

So how does EMR on Google Glass revolutionize the medical way of work? Well, if all the records start appearing on the Google Glass of the doctor, then he would not have to repeatedly go back to the documents to consult, while carrying on the treatment. Even while doing surgery, he can simply access all the required information on the Google Glass and this gives him a hands free mode of operating which results in better results. The facility of having EMR or EHR on Google Glass simply makes it convenient and accelerates the entire treatment process. No wonder, the announcement of such application was met with so much interest.

Is the application available widely?

This application, being created by Drchrono is still under trials and errors. It is not available for mass use. Till date, only a limited number of pieces have been created and given out for free to doctors. In other words, the application is still under testing and further developments. It is still not available widely in the market. Devices like Google Glass are still pretty new on the market, and consumers will take a while to get used to the idea of it. The Google Glass is still undergoing plenty of experimentations. It is expected though, that soon enough, with a good collection of compatible and useful applications, this Glass will soon become a part of one’s daily lifestyle – just like smartphones and iPads today have.

Just a matter of time

This announcement made by Drchrono is one of the few that will come up over the years. As a gadget, Google Glass is truly expected to meet high benchmarks of performance and utility.

Google Glass + Wearable Medical Records