Get Familiar with HIPAA Training

"HIPAA Training Courses are being increasingly sought by businesses who want to ensure that they have HIPAA-educated employees and a HIPAA-compliant workplace"

With HIPAA becoming the standard for compliance across the US healthcare niche, every business entity handling medical data/patient records has realized that not following HIPAA regulations can lead to medico-legal issues, serious enough to permanently dampen their reputation as a worthy service-provider. The primary goal of HIPAA Training for most organizations is to ensure that their workforce can comprehensively understand and is updated with HIPAA regulations. In order to ensure that employees can understand and implement HIPAA parameters, some training courses have been introduced.

Most of these courses are targeted at ensuring that personnel handling patient/medical records in any capacity are well-versed with Basic, HIPAA guidelines. The more progressive courses are meant to help employees understand HIPAA’s mandates more comprehensively and accurately interpret the latest and expected changes.

HIPAA Training: Short Duration
The Basic Courses usually take just 30 minutes to ensure that the trainees are familiar with the fundamentals of HIPAA guidelines. The advanced courses are completed in about an hour by most learners. Only the highly-advanced or HIPAA Masters courses take between 2 and 3 hours to complete.

HIPAA Training in Easy, Online Format
This training program is usually provided in the online mode since web-based training courses are easily accessible. A proper, online certification is provided upon the completion of the course, usually in the form of a locked PDF file. Some of these courses involve a quiz that is effective in assessing whether the trainee has actually understood the course contents.

More Demand for Basic Online HIPAA Training
Basic, online HIPAA courses are the most demanded. These are regarded as the ideal course for the workforce handling electronic medical data, including the newly-hired staff. Here, HIPAA-induced organizational procedures and policies are emphasized upon. Usually, such courses tend to exclude topics like Transactions and Insurance Portability regulations apart from the Medical Coding benchmarks since these are needed by specific employees, like the medical billing staff, only. The idea is to make an employee familiar with all HIPAA-related basics using a brief, engaging format. The course is imparted in English, using a commonly-used level of language proficiency. Apart from new hires, this course is suited for most members of the nursing staff including RNs and LPNs, healthcare administrators, therapists and technicians.

Topics Usually Covered In Basic Online HIPAA Courses:

  • Need for HIPAA
  • Basics of HIPAA (Changes in 2009-10)
  • Basics of Privacy Rule
  • Security Rule Basics
  • Terminology
  • Patient Rights
  • Compliance Issues
  • HIPAA Violations & Penalties
  • HIPAA & Contemporary Workplaces
  • Organizational Policies & HIPAA
  • Achieving HIPAA Success

It is better to ensure that proposed online basic HIPAA course is updated to the latest standards set by the ARRA and HITECH Act. Most of these courses are prepared by HIPAA Experts, i.e. professionals who have handled HIPAA training requirements in some capacity, including trainers who earlier worked among business entities using EMRs (electronic medical records) or legal professionals who handled cases involving termination of employees due to HIPAA violations. This ensures that the training combines insightful and professional expertise along with a result-oriented approach.