Nuclear Heart Scanning

Nuclear Heart Scanning

CT Heart Scan Risks: 7 Better Ways to Screen for Heart Disease

The niche of medical care is divided over the fact that CT angiography cannot be used regularly for screening everybody suspected of suffering a heart disease with the substantial costs involved and threat of radiation exposure that make CT Heart Scan risks a bit too substantial to be denied.

Types of Nuclear Heart Scanning

Nuclear Heart Scanning is among the standardized and most established of cardiac testing technologies. It used for diagnosis, management and prevention of heart problems, including heart disease, cardiomyopathy and heart attacks. There are two, main types of nuclear heart scanning procedures:
1. Single Positron Emission Computed Tomography

Heart Scanning-Nuclear Heart Scan

Heart Scanning is the usual term used to refer to Nuclear Heart Scan which is essentially a medical test aimed at gauging the overall health of the human heart. Nuclear Heart Scan is a safe and painless procedure wherein the slightest of discomfort comes forth during the phase of injecting a radioactive material that is also called a Tracer.