Medical Imaging

Medical Image Analysis-The Wave of Future Diagnosis

Three dimensional images are quite popular to obstetrics. Expecting parents look forward to 3-D and 4-D images of fetuses moving and growing in womb. While this pleasure gives purpose to medical imaging, diagnosis and treatment is ultimately the purpose of medical image analysis.

Compression of Medical Images-Storing and Moving Huge Amounts of Data

Doctors need only make a phone call and the results of a computed tomography (CT) scan can be accessed via a business computer. Behind the scenes, massive amount of data have been compressed to create the images the doctor views on a computer screen.

Brain Scanning Devices

Brain Scanning Devices are being used extensively in the niche of Neurosciences for identifying, diagnosing, treating and managing neurological problems. The most recent introductions in this niche include the use of Brain Scanning Devices for controlling brain seizures.

Value of Brain Scanning

Brain Scanning is the primary form of clinical testing in the identification, diagnosis and management of neurological disorders across the world. A timely brain scan can help to detect a neurological problem at an early stage, helping to prevent the onset of symptoms that are often debilitating.

Medical Imaging Nursing - A High Tech Career of Patient Care

Medical imaging nursing is a career of dual educational requirements. Nurses are trained to care for patients undergoing medical care and radiology technicians are trained to scan or film the human body as a means of diagnosis or treatment.

Medical Imaging Equipment

Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Imaging basically refer to the same field of medical treatment and diagnosis, i.e. the use of imaging studies to identify any abnormality, illness or disorder within a body part.

CT Heart Scan Risks: 7 Better Ways to Screen for Heart Disease

The niche of medical care is divided over the fact that CT angiography cannot be used regularly for screening everybody suspected of suffering a heart disease with the substantial costs involved and threat of radiation exposure that make CT Heart Scan risks a bit too substantial to be denied.

Understanding Medical Imaging Software

Medical imaging is used in a clinical setting to diagnose and treat illness and disease. Medical imaging software converts the images captured by imaging processes like computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and X-ray.

Brain Scanning (MRI Brain Scan)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is among the leading brain scanning technologies being used today, particularly for the identification of neurological disorders. An MRI scanning is essentially a process of creating computerized images reflecting the brain’s structural and functional composition.

Dicom Viewer

DICOM is essentially an Health Information Technology (HIT) benchmark that has global following. It is specifically meant for healthcare facilities including bigger hospitals and private clinics.